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Why go to a Specialist Leadership Coach?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a specialist is ‘someone who has a lot of experience, knowledge or skill in a particular subject’. 

Several organisations are implementing employee empowerment without the knowledge, skill, and understanding what it is or how to implement it.  Very often they are unsuccessful and organisations end up with ‘employee involvement’ rather than ‘employee empowerment’. 

Dr Rozana Huq’s research on employee empowerment, based on the framework of the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) has been acknowledged and credited for the contribution to knowledge in the area of Employee Empowerment and Leadership. 

“Are you a leader who is passionate about empowering employees and believe empowered employees are more willing to be engaged, creative and innovative?  If so, then you will benefit from my ‘Leadership and Employee Empowerment MasterClass’ ™.  This MasterClass is a blend of theory and practical applications based on a coaching method that will help you to gain knowledge and understanding of the NINE key points that I have designed, which are crucial with regards to empowering employees.  It includes the kind of leadership style to adopt and a detailed framework on how to implement it.  I am keen to help organisations who respect the importance of empowering employees.

Fill in the contact form and request your free consultation to find out more with regards to how I can help you.  Your First Consultation is Free”. Dr Rozana Huq.

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Dr Rozana Huq can offer you a 30-minute FREE consultation to help you determine what is the best course for you and answer any questions you may have.  Please fill in the contact form.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Knowledge and wider understanding of employee empowerment
  • Practical hands on framework for implementing employee empowerment
  • Improved communication skills, verbal and non-verbal
  • Managing stress and improving policies to manage stress in employees
  • Improve efficiency and competitive advantage in organisations
  • Cutting-edge expert skills and knowledge on leadership and employee empowerment
  • Effective leadership skills that incorporate personal development, self-empowerment, health and well-being

Dr Rozana Huq’s coaching is a unique package and takes a holistic approach to enhance the potential of an individual in all the important and necessary aspects of developing a person to be skilful and competent in their role as a Leader, Team Leader, CEO or in HR Profession.

Fill in the contact form and book your free consultation to discuss these benefits and find out how Dr Rozana Huq can help you enhance and develop your potential as ‘Best’ Leader.  Your first consultation is free.


Coaching Sessions

"Setting aside time for learning and attending coaching sessions can be a problem for leaders and with that in mind I have a flexible attitude towards your coaching time and sessions.  Coaching can take place face-to-face or online.  Sessions can be divided up into an agreed time frame".

Who is this Coaching for?

Chief Executives, Director Generals, Entrepreneurs, Corporate Leaders, Team Leaders and HR Professionals

This Leadership and Employee Empowerment MasterClass™ is particularly beneficial for Leaders who believe in empowerment, who are fed up being mediocre Leaders, working in mediocre organisations, who want to be the 'Best' and dream about moving their organisation forward as 'Excellent World Class Organisation'.  If you as a Leader want to achieve your potential and have this dream come true, then you need a Specialist Leadership Coach.

So, do you have a Specialist Leadership Coach?

If not, why not?

Sports people who take their profession seriously, go to Specialist Coaches in their field to achieve their full potential, why should you not as a Leader?

It’s not that Leaders cannot afford a Specialist Leadership Coach.  Upon interviewing Leaders, I have discovered the problem is that most Leaders have not given it a deep thought, that to acquire the appropriate Leadership Skills to empower people and to be the ‘Best’ Leader, they need to go to a Specialist Leadership Coach specialising in ‘Leadership and Employee Empowerment’.  I work with corporate Leaders and HR professionals who want to build thriving Leadership careers and be the ‘Best Leader’ in the field of People Development, Leadership and Employee Empowerment”.

Dr Rozana Huq’s ‘Leadership and Employee Empowerment MasterClass’™ is based on intensive deep-level coaching and case study analysis.  If you want to encourage a culture of employee empowerment in your organisation and be the ‘Best’ Leader, then this exciting Leadership and Employee Empowerment MasterClass ™ is for you.

Fill in the contact form and request your free consultation to find out more.

How will Coaching help me?

Dr Rozana Huq’s experience, knowledge and skilful coaching can help leaders achieve their goals with regards to empowering people. Employee empowerment is not just about a programme – it is also about managing relationships between leaders and people.

"As a specialist leadership coach I can give you the knowledge and support you need to lead, manage relationships and empower your people".

By interviewing over 230 people Dr Huq has first-hand knowledge, what she describes as ‘from the board room to the factory floor’ about the problems and difficulties organisations and people face when implementing employee empowerment.

Coaching is not just about achieving goals. Learning from other people’s experiences is important. Leaders can benefit from the specialist coaching sessions by Dr Rozana Huq and learn valuable lessons from the analysis of her case studies.


The Best Leader is one who cares and supports the Empowerment of People. 


By Empowering your people, you Empower yourself.

Be The Best

Learn from the Best Teacher and be the Best Leader!


Dr Rozana Huq can offer you a 30-minute FREE consultation to help you determine what is the best course for you and answer any questions you may have.  Please fill in the contact form.

Dr Rozana Huq

Organisational Behaviourist

Dr Rozana Huq is an Organisational Behaviourist. She achieved her PhD from Queen’s University Management School Belfast, UK. The title of her thesis is: “An Investigation of What Employee Empowerment Means in Theory and in Practice.” She has made a notable contribution to knowledge about employee empowerment and the implication of this with regards to management and leadership in organisations. In response to her research findings, Dr Huq has also put forward a strategic ‘Framework for Implementing Employee Empowerment’ in practice.

Dr Huq completed her undergraduate and post graduate studies also from Queen’s University Belfast, where she taught Organisational Behaviour, Leadership, Managing Change and Total Quality Management (TQM).

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