Month: August 2018

The Engine Room

An amazing course that brings together the important skills that are needed to further your career as a leader. This unique course is open to delegates who are High Achievers and would like to learn and develop these skills: Leadership, Communication, Understanding Organisational Behaviour, Building Resilience, Managing Stress, Self-awareness and Self-empowerment.

Employee Empowerment

Employee Empowerment is increasingly being recognised as an important organisational strategy and it can give organisations a sustainable competitive edge, hence organisations are attempting to implement it. There is a lack of knowledge with regards to the understanding and implementing of employee empowerment and more alarmingly there is very little attention given to the understanding …

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Empowerment, Self-confidence and Business Improvement

For Business owners, Entrepreneurs – who want to take time out to reflect and refresh. This course helps you to re-visit your business goals, look at customer profiling, self-reflection and self-empowerment. This is an opportunity to learn techniques and practical tips for managing stress, building resilience, maintaining quality family time, overcoming self-limiting beliefs and empower …

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