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1:1 Leadership Coaching Sessions Schedule a 1:1 leadership coaching session for leaders with Dr Rozana Huq now and learn how to boost your team through a culture of ‘Employee Empowerment’. Book Today Empower Inspire Lead Download a paper on how Dr Rozana Huq’s employee empowerment implementation framework can help you and your organisation. Receive a …

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Personal message from Dr Rozana Huq

Are you a leader who is passionate about empowering employees and believe that empowered employees are more willing to be engaged, creative and innovative? I work with corporate leaders and HR professionals who want to build thriving leadership careers and be the ‘Best Leader’ in the field of People Development, Leadership and Employee Empowerment. You …

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Effective utilisation of human resources is a strategic issue for organisations

The competitive nature of the global market place and business environment has made effective utilisation and retention of human resources a strategic issue for organisations. There is a growing realisation that traditional hierarchical ‘command and control’ organisations are struggling to meet the increasing demands for flexibility and quality in order to meet customer demands and …

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EMPOWER INSPIRE LEAD   Dr Rozana Huq Organisational Behaviourist Conference Speaker Management Author Leadership Educator and Coach Dr Rozana Huq is an Organisational Behaviourist. She achieved her PhD from Queen’s University Management School Belfast, UK. The title of her thesis is: “An Investigation of What Employee Empowerment Means in Theory and in Practice.” Her PhD …

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