Dr Rozana Huq

Organisational Behaviourist

Conference Speaker

Management Author

Leadership Educator and Coach

Dr Rozana Huq is an Organisational Behaviourist. She achieved her PhD from Queen’s University Management School Belfast, UK. The title of her thesis is: “An Investigation of What Employee Empowerment Means in Theory and in Practice.” Her PhD research was on employee empowerment based on the framework of EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management).  She has made a notable contribution to knowledge about employee empowerment and the implication of this with regards to management and leadership in organisations. In response to her research findings and interviews, Dr Huq has created a model for implementing employee empowerment, known as ‘Huq’s Model of Employee Empowerment™, Huq’s Model D.

Dr Huq completed her undergraduate and post graduate studies also from Queen’s University Belfast, where she taught Organisational Behaviour, Leadership, Managing Change and Total Quality Management (TQM).

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  • Lecturer
  • TEFL Teacher
  • Management and Leadership Educator
  • Seminar and Conference Speaker
  • Training and Workshop Facilitator
  • Certified Life Coach.

Voluntary Work

Dr Rozana Huq has given her time voluntarily to many projects. She has been a member of the following organisations in different capacities, as a Chair, Treasurer Steering Group and Committee Member.

  • Arts Care, Belfast City Hospital
  • Bryson House
  • Community Development and Health Network
  • Health Promotion Agency
  • Patient’s Forum
  • Multi-Cultural Resource Centre
  • Thanksgiving Square
  • UK Public Health Alliance
  • Arts Forum Executive Committee.

Work Experience

Dr Rozana Huq set up her own company RHM Training in 1994. She designed and delivered training courses to several companies in the private and non-profit sector.  Dr Huq also taught at Queen’s University, Belfast, on the MBA and Leadership course at the School of Management and Leadership and Empowerment on the MSc Strategy and Leadership course at the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work on the Modern Organisations Module.  She has wide experience in teaching and management training as well as providing services as an educational consultant, board director, lecturer and workshop facilitator.

Dr Rozana Huq was appointed as Non-Executive Director at the Belfast City Hospital, UK. She was also Chair of the Artscare Committee at the same hospital.

Recognition and Awards

  • Certified Life Coach with Distinction
  • PhD, Queen’s University
  • UTV Award winner
  • Jemma Award winner
  • Invitation to meet Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, for recognition of Community work
  • Invitation to Downing Street (London)

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