Personal message from Dr Rozana Huq

Are you a leader who is passionate about empowering employees and believe that empowered employees are more willing to be engaged, creative and innovative?

I work with corporate leaders and HR professionals who want to build thriving leadership careers and be the ‘Best Leader’ in the field of People Development, Leadership and Employee Empowerment.

You might ask yourself ‘what does it take to be the Best Leader?’

The ‘Best’ Leader is one who cares for People and actively creates the right kind of culture to empower employees to reach their potential and side by side empowers their organisation to deliver the ‘Best’ for their clients and customers.

If you are serious about developing your potential as the ‘Best’ Leader, you need a Specialist Leadership Coach to help you achieve your goals in the field of Leadership and Employee Empowerment.

So, do you have a Specialist Leadership Coach?

If not, why not?

Sports people who take their profession seriously, go to Specialist Coaches in their field to achieve their full potential, why should you not as a Leader?

Let me share this important finding with you.  It’s not that leaders cannot afford a Specialist Leadership Coach.  Upon interviewing leaders, I have discovered the problem is that most leaders have not given it a deep thought – that to acquire the appropriate leadership skills to empower people, to transform their organisation’s culture conducive to empowerment and to be the ‘Best’ Leader, they need to go to a Specialist Leadership Coach specialising in ‘Leadership and Employee Empowerment’.

There are several good leadership courses available and you may already have been to a few and may currently be attending an executive leadership course which is exam based or requires a dissertation or an essay to be submitted.  That’s fine, if that is your aim, you love exams, write essays and dissertations.  But, if your aim is to empower your organisation and empower your people to be innovative, creative and take decisions and be responsible and take pride in their work, then you need to think whether you need a course, sit for exams, write dissertations or you Need a Specialist Coach who can coach and guide you through a step by step process to acquire the skills to be the ‘Best’ Leader and provide you and your team with knowledge, tools and techniques to implement employee empowerment.

I have created these tools and techniques and learnt from the experiences of my case studies from leaders and employees in organisations who have experienced employee empowerment in their organisations.  They have openly and honestly told me what works and what does not!

My ‘RHM Leadership and Employee Empowerment MasterClass’ ™ is a blend of theory and practical applications based on a coaching method that will help you to gain knowledge and understanding of employee empowerment and the know-how with regards to implementing it.

Based on my doctorate research and interviews findings, I have gained first-hand knowledge of what leaders need to do to create the appropriate conditions necessary for employee empowerment and I am ready to share this with you in your Leadership Journey!

A leader has many responsibilities and needs to cope with the stress that comes with the responsibilities.  Recognising this problem, I have also created a sustainable method called ‘RHM Solutions to Stress’ ™ which provides powerful tools and techniques and teaches you to manage stress.

Time is moving but your plans are not?  Your leadership skills are not sustainable?  Your stress is becoming unmanageable?

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