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Dr Rozana Huq

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“Understanding, and effectively managing, the relationship between Empowerment and Leadership is one of the central issues of our time … All individuals with leadership roles urgently need to rethink their ideas, roles and behaviours within Dr Huq’s insightful ‘Framework for Implementing Employee Empowerment Model’”.

Professor Bruce Lloyd

London South Bank University, UK.

“I was inspired by the work of Dr Rozana Huq. Her research links themes of empowerment from management and social work literature that are relevant to employee empowerment … described as a ‘kaleidoscope of themes’ in Huq’s ‘Model C’. I believe in investing in the potential of individuals and organisations to achieve better outcomes … I encourage you to look up Dr Huq’s research and see what it inspires in you and those you live and work with."

Heather Palmer

Organisational design & HR consultant

Rozana Huq has made an important contribution to the subject of employee empowerment. This book includes insights from employees and managers of small and large enterprises, highlighting both the positive and negative aspects of employee empowerment and providing rich examples of people and situations. This book will be of value not only to academics, but also to practitioners of both small and large enterprises who may wish to implement or improve employee empowerment.

Professor Adrian Wilkinson, Director

Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing, Griffith University, Australia.

Dr Rozana Huq’s new publication is a delight – it is scholarly yet clear. The essential elements of changing managers from ‘cops-to-coaches’ are laid out thematically, and given a depth and richness in examples and the actual words of those who are already empowered – the chief executives, elite chosen senior managers – and those who are not – the factory floor operatives and call centre workers…. The book not only fills the gap in such grounded empirical research, it also provides information and important references for those intending to follow in her wake, with a section on qualitative methodology which introduces potential researchers to the intricacies of investigating the world of business management.

Roz Goldie BSSc, MA, PhD, CPA.

Roz Goldie Partnership (UK)

I was impressed with Dr. Huq’s book and plan to recommend it to my current class. I will also add it to my readings for next year. My December column in the Industrial Safety & Hygiene News magazine, which has 70,000 subscribers, features Dr. Huq’s book in the context of the safety profession… My students are typically mid-career safety, health and environment professionals. They are challenged continuously with trying to implement employee-based safety and health programs. Dr. Huq’s book is the first I have seen that focuses on the reasons employee-based safety programs have so much difficulty being adopted…I have been asked by the school to develop a Leadership Practicum, which will be required by all students in order to graduate. I plan to include Dr. Huq’s book as required reading for the Practicum.

Dr James E. Leemann, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Tulane University, USA

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