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Teaching Dr Rozana Huq teaches on the MBA and Leadership Courses.  Her teaching subjects include Organisational Behaviour, Leadership, Employee Empowerment, Strategic Human Resource Management and Managing Change. Dr Rozana Huq is available to teach at Universities for short sessions. Please use the contact form to find her availability for teaching.

Stress Management

Stress Management   Dr Rozana Huq’s Solutions to Stress MasterClass™ Whether we like it or not, the pressure of global competitive market and radical changes in work patterns have had serious implications with regards to stress for organisations and people. Recognising this problem, Dr Rozana Huq, carried out an independent research ...

Leadership Coaching

Dr Rozana Huq’s Leadership MasterClass™   Recognising a gap in the market for exclusive MasterClass coaching with regards to Leadership and Employee Empowerment, Dr Huq created her own MasterClass design based on her MBA teaching, research findings and interviewing people face to face, in management and non-management positions.  These exclusive ...

Seminar & Conference

Dr Rozana Huq has a wide experience as a Seminar and Conference speaker.  She has been a keynote speaker on several occasions and her research and contribution to knowledge are well received internationally as well.  Dr Rozana Huq has given presentations at Barcelona, Belfast, Edinburgh, England, Dubai, Dublin, Galway, Oxford, ...

Business Excellence for SMEs

Learn what it takes to be an Excellent SME Organisation. It is not the prerogative of Large Organisations Only. You can achieve Excellence too! An Empowerment Practice Model and Framework Leading to Excellence for SMEs created by Dr Rozana Huq.

Empowerment, Self-confidence and Business Improvement

For Business owners, Entrepreneurs - who want to take time out to reflect and refresh. This course helps you to re-visit your business goals, look at customer profiling, self-reflection and self-empowerment. This is an opportunity to learn techniques and practical tips for managing stress, building resilience, maintaining quality family time, ...

Effective Communication and Soft Skills

How do you say? What do you say? When do you say? Where do you say? Who do you say to? Sometimes is it better not to say? Learn Powerful Practical Techniques that will enhance your Communication and Soft Skills and give you amazing insight from an Organisational Behaviour perspective.

Employee Empowerment

Employee Empowerment is increasingly being recognised as an important organisational strategy and it can give organisations a sustainable competitive edge, hence organisations are attempting to implement it. There is a lack of knowledge with regards to the understanding and implementing of employee empowerment and more alarmingly there is very little ...

Be a Specialist Leader. Learn How to Develop Special Leadership Skills that will make you an outstanding Global Leader.

If you do not have time to attend the Leadership MasterClass, here is an opportunity for you to learn some unique and powerful skills enabling you to be a specialist and outstanding global leader. This course enables you to enter the Engine Room.

The Engine Room

An amazing course that brings together the important skills that are needed to further your career as a leader. This unique course is open to delegates who are High Achievers and would like to learn and develop these skills: Leadership, Communication, Understanding Organisational Behaviour, Building Resilience, Managing Stress, Self-awareness and ...


Dr Rozana Huq can offer you a 30-minute FREE consultation to help you determine what is the best course for you and answer any questions you may have.  Please fill in the contact form.