Employee Empowerment Podcast Episode 1 – Dr Rozana Huq

Hi I’m Rozana Huq and welcome to my series of Podcasts on Employee Empowerment.

If your organisation is applying for Quality or Excellence Awards, for example, The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), then the information in this series of podcasts can help you understand the qualities that are needed to be an Excellent Leader and the pitfalls to avoid in order to create an empowered and sustainable organisation.

If you as a Leader would like to achieve Excellence for your organisation you need to empower your employees to be creative and innovative and enable them to take decisions confidently and if you as a Leader value and trust your employees to be empowered and would like to support them in an improved appropriate manner, then you may benefit from these podcasts. 

I teach Leaders extraordinary skills and techniques with regards to behaviour, action and self-mastery in order to achieve Excellence not just for the organisation but also for themselves.

(Podcast Music: Chris Zabriskie)


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