Employee Empowerment, the rhetoric and the reality.

Detailed research into employee empowerment programmes, including the EFQM Excellence Model.

This is a thorough, detailed yet concise account of the author’s qualitative research into empowerment schemes. During her investigation into two organisations she uncovers what works, what happens in practice, and what can be done better.

Citing extensive academic sources, the book contains:

  • A clear navigation of the management literature and explanation of controversies
  • The key concepts that must be addressed and where the problems in interpretation arise
  • An outline of the research methodology and sample questions
  • Her study of one large organisation with over 2000 employees and one small with 54 employees
  • Direct feedback from boardroom members to frontline operatives about their experiences of empowerment, revealing common pitfalls
  • An overview of the findings with suggestions on what needs to be considered before implementing an employee empowerment programme.

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