Global Crisis in Leadership

‘Delighted to be invited by Dr F Charles from Eurasia, to speak at their conference in Barcelona, August 2018, as a keynote speaker. This is such a great honour!

‘Global Crisis in Leadership – Challenges and Perspectives in the context of Employee Empowerment.  What Skills do Leaders Need?  How should Leaders Lead?’

This is an important topic for leaders who are challenged and struggle to find a balance to lead and create an empowered culture for an empowered organisation.

An important organisational strategy, such as employee empowerment, cannot be successful without the right kind of leadership skills.  Organisations that are attempting to empower employees need a ‘specialist leader’.  In my keynote address today I would like to bring attention to some of the challenges leaders face in the context of leading in an empowered organisation.

There is a crisis in leadership in general, ‘Crisis in Leadership Underscores Global Challenges’ – an article in the World Economic Forum (2015), states that: ‘The World Economic Global Forum’s Global Leadership Index says 86% of experts believe the world is in the midst of a leadership crisis’ and when it comes to leadership know-how with regards to empowering employees there is even a greater crisis (Huq, 2015, 2018).

But, in the day to day struggle of leading and coping with competitive turbulence, a question often overlooked is, what are the critical ‘specialist’ leadership skills needed to support and nurture a culture of employee empowerment in organisations?

Employee Empowerment is increasingly being recognised globally as an important organisational strategy and it can give organisations a sustainable competitive edge, hence organisations are attempting to implement it.  But, there are problems and complexities that surround employee empowerment which is neglected, not understood and not addressed by leaders in organisations.  There is a lack of knowledge with regards to the understanding and implementing of employee empowerment and more alarmingly there is very little attention given to the understanding of the impact of empowerment on employees, that is, the psychological empowerment.

We need to understand the seriousness of these problems and look for solutions in order to enable leaders to be ‘specialist leaders’ and ‘fit for the purpose’ with regards to leading in an empowered organisation.

Leaders in organisations are not aware of the difficulties that surround implementing employee empowerment.  I will highlight some of these problems in my next post.




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