My Journey to the ‘Leadership Journey’

How I started putting together ‘The Leadership Journey’?

Most of this year was spent travelling, listening and talking to C-suite Leaders, CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Women Leaders, in Belfast, Scotland and UAE.

It was a fascinating experience for me and the some of the conversations were multi-lingual, it gave me a chance to practice my other languages that I know but don’t often get a chance to converse in them and listening to different situations and experiences, got me totally absorbed in the area of ‘Leadership and Learning’. 

The conversations that took place were highly interesting, captivating and emotional as well! It took me several days to recuperate and reflect on how to summarise the conversations that took place and bring forward some solutions to the difficulties that people in these particular positions – Leaders, CEOs and newly promoted Women Leaders were facing. 

The problems and difficulties ranged from – communication, self-confidence, staying positive, delegating tasks, and managing stress.

In my presentations and workshops, I emphasised that leadership is not just about being a leader, but it is also important to understand how vital it is to learn about self-development, self-care and self-empowerment. These are important things that leaders need to learn themselves and not just expect their employees to go to training courses to learn how to deal with these situations. Leaders are not immune to these problems!

Some women leaders felt unsure whether they can be successful leaders because they felt they lacked training in communication, self-confidence, staying positive, delegating tasks and managing stress. My message to them was, ‘You can do it because these are skills that can be learnt. The important thing is you must believe in yourself that you can!’

I loved the comment from one of the women who wants to build her career as a leader, she summarised it for me as she remarked how great she felt sharing her experience with me, ‘…. and an opportunity to meet up with a writer, an entrepreneur, an educator from UK, reaching out to women in other countries and we are from such a diverse background – you have inspired us and given us confidence that we as women can be leaders from whatever community or background we come from, we need to believe in ourselves, for me that is the important thing I will remember…’ – F Al Naqeeb

The whole experience was an emotional journey for me. I came back to Belfast and started thinking as a leadership coach how can I help, particularly this group of learners – C-suite Leaders, CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Women Leaders?

I had in mind to design a Masterclass, which I did.

But, I also felt the need to do a ‘Leadership Journey’ as a 1:1 coaching experience to allow participants to understand what the journey of leadership entails and how they need to do the preparation for the journey. It’s important to experience the preparation, just like a mountain climber needs to get all his/her gear sorted, understand about climate and the important things they need to carry with them. For the climber, it is also important to know about the journey before they make the journey and as the climber needs to ‘acclimate the mind and body’ so does the leader, this would be such a great, unique experience! With this in mind, ‘Leadership Journey’ was born!

See you there, let me help you prepare and gear up for the Leadership journey!

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