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One of Dr Rozana Huq’s philanthropic work is her charitable project ‘Water Collection’.   It is about raising money for clean water.



Did you know – for the first time, the UN Human Rights Council recognised the right to water and sanitation for everyone?

Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General.


I had an idea to produce a small booklet of poems with the goal of raising money for people suffering from the aftermath of flood disasters.  But, I was not sure how to go about it.  I am deeply indebted to a writer Ruth Carr who steered and guided me and the result is this booklet ‘Water Collection 1’.  Sitting in the comfort of my home in UK, reading and watching in the media – horrific images of floods, tsunami and mud slides, gave me the impetus to write poems in response.  I donated six of my poems and the money towards the cost of printing this booklet.  Proceeds from this booklet is channelled to projects that help provide clean water.

This booklet is also donated to charitable organisations to help them raise money for clean water.

This is my first ‘Water Collection 1’ poem.

You give me strength
You are
The elixir of my life
H20, my H20.
Rozana Ahmad Huq © 2010

This little booklet costs £2.95.  It has six poems and six quiz questions with answers provided.  One hundred percent of the money goes to projects supporting clean water.  My thanks to colleagues, friends and family for their ongoing support. 

As part of your Corporate Social Responsibility, if your organisation would like to support clean water projects please get in touch.  Your support is very welcome.  Every drop of help matters!

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Are you looking for a Socially Responsible Educational Project?

Dr Rozana Huq supports knowledge and learning projects for Empowering and Enhancing children’s Education through her educational charitable work.  

She has written interactive resource books for school children enabling them to learn in a fun way.  These resource books challenge, empower and expand the horizons of children through a range of activities. 

For more information about the books please visit

If you like to support schools through your Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies and would like to know how your organisation can get involved in this exciting children’s educational project, then please get in touch by filling in the contact form.

This educational project will also enable you to work in partnership with your local community or global international schools in developing countries to empower and help children enhance their education, thus, creating a positive impact on society, locally and on an international level.